ol' Republic 2/2/2013

The Feb 2nd run starting and ending at ol' Republic was the best run ever for the Cougar HHH. It was also the inaugural run. The run was just under 4 miles with 5 checkpoints. We had 14 runners plus the 2 hares on trail. Present were three hashers so not everyone was new to hashing there. Comments were generally positive so we will do another run soon to see if we can change that opinion.

The run started out with the pack missing the first trail marker due to someone sitting on it. After finding the trail the pack was off with everyone running, even the walkers. The pack proceeded down Zion street and veered left just after the bike shop. You'd expect the trail to go down to the bridge and it did eventually. Before crossing the bridge there was a checkpoint and a short detour on the Tribulation Trail.

The trail took and unexpected right after the bridge and proceeded under the freeway and past drug addicts who might have been experiencing a different kind of hash. After we were past the bridge trolls the path by the river was pleasant and took us up to the freeway exit ramp.

Downtown Nevada City was the next destination as the pack proceeded up past Sushi in the Raw and the back of City Hall for the second checkpoint. Of course the trail had to go up hill after that. It is Nevada City after all. Back to Broad street for a bit and then a left down a tiny alley ending up on commercial street. For those that needed to stop there were bathrooms near the Alpha mine entrance. You would be hard pressed to find anything on the other side of the door though.

After heading up another hill and finding an easy CB there was a checkpoint. The on-on was down a steep hill and around a corner. Bubble Boy and Ben were out in front finding the true trail. Checkpoint 4 down by the stonehouse slowed them down a little though. That on-on left the pavement for a dirt trail to Pioneer Park. Running through the park and around the baseball field and coming back close to where we entered the park was prime for a short cut but even the walker to the full trail. The dogs really liked the wet smelly trail around the ball park.

The home stretch began with the last checkpoint at the top of hill on Nile road. After that it was through an nice neighborhood, over 49 again and back to ol' Republic. There was another CB on the way and a loop that I don't think anyone was enthusiastic enough to take.

The beer at ol' Republic was great after the run. Nice having a run end at a micro brewery with tasty beer. The circle was pretty basic and not very long. The folks at ol' Republic were glad to have us there and we will be back again.