ol' Republic 2/23/2013

Until a few days before the run the weather report was calling for rain. Fortunately for us the storm drank a bit too much earlier in the week and decided to sleep in. Storms do that sometime here in Nevada City. The mountains are tough to crawl over and the storm gets tired. Crawling over the mountains when they are covered in snow can really make a storm tired. With the storms napping the sun crept in and made for a nice albeit cold day.

Even with the nice weather the turn out was smaller than last time. We had some visiting hashers from Roseville though; Bubble Boy and Edamami. Bubble boy led the runners, all 4 of them arounds the course. The walkers took the shorter course which missed some of the shiggy of the first loop.

The walker course was 3 miles while the runners did a 5 mile course. There were 2 turkey/eagle splits that gave the walkers a chance to get out in front of the runners or at least catch up a little. The first leg when down a dead end street that turned out not to be dead end at all. There was an old closed road that with the help of a dirt path hooked the pack around to another road that came back around to just down the Zion street from SPD where the runners got on the same trail as the walkers.

The route turned left down Ridge Road and hung a right just before the highway. No one bother to look across the intersection and see the marks for the in-path so the run was not cut short. It is a big intersection and the marks on the other side were kind of hidden. The hares crossed their fingers for this risky route. It worked though. As the runners can around the corner they spotted the walkers up ahead. Taking a shortcut put everyone up on Nevada City Highway and then to the checkpoint at the Banner Lava Cap intersection.

Bubble Boy picked the right course and was well on his way by the time the other got to the checkpoint. The trail went up Banner and hooked a left down the NID ditch. There was some snow on the ditch which was covered in pine needles to form a nice soft running area. With 2 checkpoints on the ditch Bubble Boy got some extra running in and Edamami and Hula Girl almost caught up.

The second ditch checkpoint lead down Apple Orchard Lane and past a flock of geese grazing in the grass near the road. Care had to be taken to avoidn the green geese grease on the road. There was a lot of it. That seemed like a favored spot for big birds. Not the big yellow sesame street bird, but a big blue herron was in the pond near the geese. Monster sized bird.

The next turkey/eagle split was at the corner of Hawke Lane and Gold Flat Road. The turkey route went left and the eagle went right on through the railroad museum. Both trails rejoined where Gold Flat Road passes over Highway 49. Crossing the highway most hasher realized that they were at the same intersection they passed earlier in the run. With a right turn down Searls Avenue it was a straight shot back. A welcome "beer near" gave a little encouragement to run up the last hill to ol' Republic.