Matteo's 3/16/2013

The turn out for the run was amazing. Well, pretty good. Okay, kind of okay. Uhm, truthfully it was a small turn out. For those that did show, thank you. For those that did not, the scenery was nice. Somehow the hare managed to have more uphills than down. I don't know how that is possible but it certainly felt that way.

We started out at Matteo's this time. That gave the hare a chance to run around the town a little before crossing the highway to the checkpoint at the Stone House. From there the trail headed up the hill along Nevada street to the next checkpoint. Along the was we all took a break to look at the dog and deer statues in one of the yards. There were a lot of trees in bloom along the way which made for some nice views. Maybe not so good if you have hay fever or allergies to the trees.

From the checkpoint on Willow Valley road we headed up Willow Valley along the creek until we turned onto Genasci for a trip around the farms on that road. Lots of different animals were seen along the way. We saw goats, cows, a donkey, geese, chicken, dogs, cats, and lots of wild birds. Nice quiet road with plenty of hills to keep everyone awake.

After what seemed like 10 miles we finally arrived back in town and headed back to Matteo's for a beer and some snacks. Small turn out but a nice way to spend a warm sunny winter day.

Ou yeah, after the run some of us (Hula Girl and Kamencider) headed to Ol' Republic for the anniversary celebration with a live band. Great turn out there.