GM's place 5/12/2013

Good turnout for this run. About a dozen people or more if you count the non runners. We had two out of town visitors, Edamame and Bubble Boy. Two new comers were also in attendance. Hope to see you again Ken and Janis.

Despite it being a rather warm day the run went well. There were not too many hills for this area. The route criss crossed Banner as it wandered through small side streets. These was some off road running but most was on the road even if the roads were dirt.

There was a turkey / eagle split with the short course being less than 3 miles while the longer course was about 5 miles. I think Bubble Boy ran 7 though as he was finding all the CBs (there were a lot of them) and all bit one checkpoint.

The last part of the course was through a shadded area which was a welcome relief as it was noticably cooler than the hot asphalt just before it. The best part was the beer at the finish.