ol' Republic 6/30/2013

The 6th running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers was hot. Really hot with temperatures right around 100 degrees. As if that wasn't bad enough some very dedicated runners from the Sierra TrailBlazers had run in the morning before the hash. Now that is dedication. Kindly the trail was only about 4 miles, maybe a little more.

The run started out up hill past the SPD parking lot. Exposed and hot. The course then crossed the street onto some small streets that had a small amount of shade. It did not take long for the pack to reach the school and then dive into the woods. The temperature was thankfully cooler and it was almost pleasant. Well pleasant if you like it hot. Still it was 10 degrees cooler and all shade.

The hare, being somewhat of a masochist had give some very cryptic instruction for the turkeys. Look for the short trail at the first nature sign. The trail did a large 2 mile loop and almost came back on itself. Some if not all the walkers managed to find the short trail even if there was some grumbling.

The rest of the pack headed deeper into the woods listen to the cool water of the river just out of sight. I did mention the hare is a masochist, right. Cool water so close but not close enough to get to. When the trail did come back on itself if was next to the sewage disposal plant. So much water, so close.

One runner (John, just John for now) blew through a CB and lost the trail. He did manage to pick up a road and shortcut the pack to be FRB. Careful John, you don't have a hash name yet. I see a name with "lost" in it somewhere.

All good things have to end and the cool shade of the trees soon became a small road that meandered toward the finish. The last stretch was on the hot sunny Zion road but then crossed behind Ol Republic to end opposite the start. Some people were too tired to play at that point and can in the front way. One runner (Willis) stopped ice cream and did not bring any for the rest of the pack. A well deserved down-down for that.