Scotts Lake 7/21/2013

The 7th running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers, like the 6th was hot. The saving grace was that it ended at the lake. The CHHH is getting better prepared as well. We now have a table! Woo hoo!

We had a new hasher join us as well. Jerry, hash name AssHole, has run a few hashes in Pakistan. Brave guy. He live on the other side of the lake but elected to drive to the start instead of swimming or kayaking... this time.

I should mention that the trail was almost all off road. Cooler that way. After the first 10 feet of road the trail veered to the right and the flour became the primary marking. Well, until the first checkpoint a 100 feet away at a road. The true trail was back in the woods again where it went though a small field, up a hill, and across a small muddy stream.

The trail came out of the woods near the entrance gate to the park and proceed through the gate to the second checkpoint. As the faster runners found the trail everyone began to wonder if the new Scotts Flat trail would take them all the way up the mountain to 5 Mile House. The hare is sadistic but not that sadistic. Part way up the trail headed back to the road where it followed the road until a CB. What, a CB, there were no turn offs. Oh, that little path through the trees and down the hill.

Down to the lake where there was a turkey/eagle split or more friendly, a walker/runner split. Of course Hula Girl and Bubble Boy took the running course to the dam where checkpoint 3 was found.

After that the trail was next to the lake for a long while. The runner trail doubled back and met up with the walker trail and proceeded back to the boat launch area where the 4th checkpoint was found.

Staying in character the trail did not follow the road. It dived into the woods again. Touched a camp ground road and was back on a ditch path. One more checkpoint there with the true trail on the beach. Just building up the anticipation of a swim soon.

Beer Near! Written on the side of a log, it was a welcome sight. Cold beer and a swim was the recommended recovery from the run and most took advantage of that. We also discovered that Bubble Boy is quite a gentleman. He carried Edamame out of the water on his back up the beach to her sandals and even put them on her feet while she was on hist back. Yeah, he got a down-down for that.

To finish off a nice day almost everyone headed to 5 Mile House for dinner. For the out of town, no, out of country folks they were surprise to see the American school kid prank of shoes on a power line. Even got a picture.

On On until the next run.