Cascade Mini Mart 8/25/2013

The 8th running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers started from the Cascade General Store. There was lots of local talent there. We had a old poet and some of the locals. Even had one expert runner and bicycle rider who just got his bike a week ago and already a normal route that was over 100 miles. He used to run 5 hours in the morning. Uhm, yeah.

Anyway back to the hash. The area was not ideal but the hares managed to make a 3 mile trail anyway. We had a small group at the pre-run talk and then they were off across the road to start the trail. Somoen had laid a different kind of trail with colored chalk maybe a week or two earlier. Fortunately the hares used white chalk so there wasn't too much confusion.

After a mile or so the trail almost looped back on itself. The trail went behind the Cascade General Store instead of in front of it. That is pretty close. Frank thougt it might be a good time to stop for a beer but decided finishing the run first would be better. In the mean time the hare, Kamemcider enjoyed a nice microbrew on the patio.

Did I mention that since the trail was so short, just 3 miles, there were 8 checkpoints to keep the hashers from getting too lazy. The trailed worked its way down to the lake eventually. At the lake a small dirt trail led down to the lake where scrawled on a rock was a CB. Back 10 marks and up a steep hill. Hey, at least there was a nice view of the lake.

A few more checkpoints and back to the start. It was a small store and the beer was a bit pricey but they had some great mico brew beer there. We sat out on the patio but did eventually get around to having a circle.

The Cougar Hashers had a milestone this run. We had a naming. Welcome Whining Puppy to the world of hashing.

Till next time... On On