Jernigan's &
Deshutes Brewery 10/12/2013

This was the first sponsored Cougar Hash House Harriers run thanks to Deshutes Brewery. That helped draw both drinkers and runners. There were many new comers this time so a lesson in the marking was the only way to get started. After that the pack was off with only a few "the trail starts over there" attempts.

Being the 10th month anniversary of the CHHH it was only fitting that the trail was almost the same as the first run. A bit shorter and a few different twists to confuse the hasher who ran the trail the first time. The hare managed to find the longest set of steps in Nevada City as well. Seemed like 100 steps but I'm sure it wasn't any more than 90.

The pack was off. Up to Zion and down to the bike shop. A side street and then the first checkpoint. Note very tough. Over the river and then under the bridge. Of course the local chess club was playing under the bridge. Wait, the chess club? They were playing chess so it must have been the chess club. Anyway, under the bridge and up into the city.

A few turns brought the pack through town and a narrow alley before heading out again across the freeway. A bridge over the freeway, not the a death challenge across the road. Come on, the hare isn't that cruel. Not this time anyway.

Over the river again to a checkpoint which wnent through the woods and then a CB. Back past the stone house and up the hill. Ahh, the steps. Notice there was a baby carriage involved with one of the youngest hashers ever for the CHHH. Fortunately dad had help carrying the stroller up the steps.

Amazingly there was a loop with the out trail right next to the in trail and some energetic runners actually ran the loop. Most took the short cut just like the hare. Another CB down a dead end dirt road and finally a beer near. Ignore the picture. It's an illusion that the hare mispelled beer as bear and had to go back and fix it. He didn't get a down down for it so it must not have happened.

The Deshutes Brewery beer was waiting for everone one that finished the run. Tasty. Way better than normal hash beer. This was the real thing. Great place to finsih the run too. Good beer and good food at Jernigan's. Always good food and beer there. Sean didn't even pay me to say that.