Harmony Ridge Market 11/23/2013

We had big plans for sharing the trail with bikers. Well, we saw lots of bikers and even had one hasher, "Ass Hole" show up on a bike but none of the bikers did the full trail. I guess trying to pass runners on the trail was a bit annoying. Too bad the biker checkpoints were all on steep hills. No, the hare is not a nice person. At least the rest of the pack got to curse and swear at the trail.

This was probably the last time before spring when we could run up in the scenic woods near Harmony Ridge Market. The weather was great. The trail start up Pioneer trail and then veered to the left and into the deeper woods up to a old van. The van was a wreck. You expected to find a dead body in it or something but nope, just garbage.

On On to new territory and the second checkpoint, a biker check. The On On was down a hill after one mark near the top. Of course it was a check-back up to that small mark just past the On On. From there it was along a fire road with a great view off to the left side if anyone looked.

The next checkpoint was at an intersection that had 3 possible directions to follow. The true trail went down the road a long ways until the next checkpoint which was for bikers. Nice trail for bikers off to the side but that was not the true trail. True trail went up a nasty hill. At the top of the hill in the clearing was a bit of bear scat. No bears that day though.

Finally the trail canm back to Pioneer trail with a nice little obstacle for the bikers. After a flip back to the other direction the trail eventually crossed the highway to return on the other side. Great scenary but just a few CBs to break up the run.

Short run ending back at the market for a beer. With the sun going down it got rather cool so we had the circle and headed across the street to 5 Mile House for the On On party. Another run of the Cougar HHH with no cougar sightings... maybe...