Jernigans runs are awesome. Sean sponsored the run and gave each finisher a beer when they finished. Maybe next time Sean will join us for the run. Look for another run at Jernigan's in February.

There were 3 trails! Eagle, turkey, and a lazy bastard trail. No one ran the turkey trail though. We had a new runner. Fast Rob ran the eagle trail with Hula Girl. The cruel hare made sure there was a good long up hill section on that trail which was about 6 miles long. Rob ran a bit more than that though with all the CBs and checkpoints. Needless to say he was the FRB.

The trail left Jernigan's up the hill past SPD and then across the road where it wondered by the schools before cutting through the woods back to Zion. From there down to Tour of Nevada City bike shop. From there the thirsty lazy bastards headed back to Jernigan's for a beer. I'd say well deserved beer but running 1.5 miles does not seem like it warrants a well deserved badge.

The rest of the pack if could be called that headed across the highway, past the Northern Queen out to Gold Flat road. From there it was up Pittsburg Road to the ditch which led to Banner and eventually wondered back to Jernigan's for a free beer thanks to Sean.

Can't forget the highlight of the day though. We had another naming. After 7 runs Elaine was christened as Puss n' Boots.