The first Cougar HHH run in foreign lands. This run was in the remote and exotic Auburn. Different hares as well. Bubble Boy and Ateamame did a great job setting the trail. Turn out was the best so far with 20 runners and walkers. One was a dog but we can't hold that against here.

It all started at the Old Prospector in Auburn with lesson on what trail marks looked like. There was a new checkpoint type. A walkers checkpoint. That certainly slowed the runners down. Glad it was the first checkpoint and not one later on.

The trail had a few tough turns, check backs, and checkpoints. Some more experienced hashers and some of the new comers were able to get them resolved though. The hares made sure there were plenty of hills and seemed to like to torture the runners with the blue stones of the railroad tracks.

Hula Girl managed to find a few CBs and BTs. Nice to have her doing the extra running so the rest of us didn't have to.

As if the trails weren't enough we even ran around the track. Not all the way around but half way anyway unless a shortcut straight across was taken. The finish for the Western States is on that track. Thats about as close to running over the finish line most of will ever do.

Keeping with tradition, only microbeer for this hash group. The down down beer was as micro as it gets. One of the new hashers, John brough his home brew. Great tasting stuff. No problem getting people to drink the down downs. Bubble Boy printed out song sheets and the crowd was able to at least follow along even if they weren't very loud. Good group. Maybe some will join the next run.

The On-On party was at the Auburn Ale House. A local brewery. Big food and tasty beer.