Big thanks to Sean, the owner of Jernigan's for a last minut sponsoring of the hash. Tap It was a no show but Sean supplied the beer with some help with a discount from ol' Republic.

We had a great turn out for the 14th runnin gof the Cougar HHH with 21 runners, counting the dogs. The weather cooperated as well for a warm sunny day. Perfect for the two beer stops. It took the edge of the river crossing as well.

There were two courses. The eagle was about 5 miles or a bit more with as many hills as the hare could find. I think the fast runners were feeling punished. They deserve it. The Sean course was a more direct route to the first beers stop which was in the backyard of In Her Basement, formerly known as Vince. That beer stop had ol' Republics Hell beer and Mission brewery's Shipwrecked double IPA, a kick ass beer at 9.25% and great tasting. Sean was pretty happy about that. -->

The beer was well earned. The run started out pretty normal. Down the same road but then took a dive into the bush. Through the woods and into the river over some very slippery rocks. The hare managed to get the flour wet so part of the trail was marked with dough instead of flour. Thank goodness for chalk which is more water resistant.

The trail was a bit hilly but lets get back to the important stuff. There was a second beer stop. Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop were kind enough to have the second beer stop at their place as long as we shared the beer. Good deal for all of us.

Back to Jernigan's for the finish. We had a new fast runner join us. Rob was one of the second one into the first beer stop, just behing the FRB Bubble Boy. Of course after the beer stops no one was running very fast if at all.

Four hashers were named.
Hash NameFormerly
In Her BasementVince
Peach DrillerSteve
Banana ChokerMarion
Short Ham HerFrank

On On party was at Jernigan's with more good beer.