Roseville 03/16/2014

It was a cool spring day. Not in Roseville where we had the hash but somewhere else. In Roseville it was hot. One reading put the temperature at 86 degrees. The kind of temperatures that Tunnel of Love and Gay Achins are used to down in Florida. They were visiting hasher and help with some real hash songs. There was a good turnout for this hash with over 20 people.

It was the day before St. Patties day so there were a few green costumes. I might be a little biased but I liked Hula Girls outfit with the stripped tights. It seem fitting that we started from a true Irishmans house. Thanks to Bubble Boy and Ateamame for organizing. This is the second run they have put together.

The course took us through various parts of Roseville which from what we saw is mostly large section of pavement with no shade. Wide open intersections broken by a mall here and there. Some hashsers had a hard time finding the trail in the outdoor mall, not because the trail was not marked well but because they kept looking in the windows and wanting to stop and shop instead of heading on to the finish.

When the shoopers finally decided they could leave the mall the trails went down a very long stretch of road across the highway and more wide open pavement to a nice wooded section that offered some welcome shade.

Back on the street we were informed that a beer stop was not far ahead. Well, one mile is not far, right? Before getting to the beer stop we went through a park where a live band was playing. Hopes were high that the beer stop was there but alas it was not so. Trudging on we finally came to the beer stop where we were treated to Jim's home brew. Nice job Jim! There was also some lemon or lime soda claiming to be Bud something or other. Water was a better bet when Jim's beers was finished.

By the time we hit the beers stop the youngest hasher was out for the count. Tired and sleeping soundly.

On On to the finish after the beer stop where there was cold beer and 7 layer dip waiting. Down downs were in green cups. A fitting color for the day.

When the circle was done it was off to the party at BJs for pizza, beer and other tasty food.