Jernigan's 04/26/2014

Back to Nevada City and Jernigan's. A beer stop thanks to an anonymous donor and free down-down beer thanks to Sean. This has was for the dedicated hashers. It had been raining for a few days and it was only in the morning that the skys cleared. There was also a race in the morning but we had a good turn out by some of the racists from the morning race. Some were virgins.

It should have clued people in that everyone was given a free towel before the run. The run was half off road. Mud and banana slugs to set the stage.

Half way through was the river crossing. Some elected to use the towel and others couldn't be bothered. We only had one runner decide to take a bath and cool off. Hula Girl managed to run with her cell phone and still not destroy it when she took a quick dip.

The beer stop was at our biking friends place, Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop came through again with a place for a beer stop.

We had two namings this time. Just Ken was named Massive Crabs and just Janice was named Strange Often.

Good turnout even though we missed the Roseville contigent. Maybe they will join next time.