Lola Montez House 05/18/2014

This run ended up with a dead person theme. Starting out at the Episcopal in Grass Valley church with a virgin hare we passed through two cemetaries, dead man alley, memorial park, and a memorial service at Condon Park. Nice job on the trail. A new tradition was also started. If you don't have a name and are the hare you get named. Just Robert became "Chasing Tail".

There was a beer stop on the run. The co-hare, Kamencider had a surprise when he showed up at the beer stop. There were two hashers already there. They had run the trail in flip-flops. "Lopez De Pimp" and "Fuck Boy Scouts, Hump Jesus" from the Ruba My Yuba HHH were eating lunch and saw the "fresh" marks and decided to follow them. As always we had decent microbrew beer at the beer stop and at the end of the trail.

A little side note. The trail when though Chasing Tail's yard and 3 days later a homeless fellow showed up and said he had been following the arrows for 3 days and wondered what they were all about. That makes him DFL.