The pack showed up ready to run. The trail started out simple enough and headed down the road. Most of the hashers went the right way but as usually some could figure up from down.

The next point of interest was the bridge under the highway. Everyone expected to get wet but instead the trail stayed just under the bridge through a troll encampment. Ducking low some had trouble with the steep sides or worse the climb out. The hare was kind enough to pick a route with a chainlink fence along one side so it could be used to pull yourself up the hill.

After a bit more up the trail came a long set of steps and on into town. Sadly the farmers market had disbanded by the time the pack got there so up the hill the pack went. There was a non runner on course. It looked like a lost German tourist trying to figure out what the check point was meant to be and why he couldn't find it on his map.

Next was a long trail that lead to a river crossing. Most were happy for the cool water. It really felt good.

More trail running on some familiar trail but then with a twist at the end that went through an open gate in a fence and arounf the perimeter until the entry to the facility and a checkpoint.

In the home stretch the trail headed back on the streets to the beer waiting at ol' Republic.