In addition to the run, beer, and BBQ we had sliding down hills, blood, and one really smart dog. Other highlights were just Keith walking on top of the pipe instead of talking the walkway because it was easy for the dog. WTF, obvious not afraid of heights. A non-runner, a beer from Utah used for down-downs. Its was a whopping 4% but in a very USA decorated can.

Okay, the GM/hare was a little disorganized on the run. Lucky Hula Girl got things straightened out a bit but most hashers took off with chalk. Down the road and then down a steep embankment. Hey, it's easy on a mountain bike. Just drop off the edge and close your eyes.

Then there was the now famous pipe. None of the dogs took the grated walkway. One was carried by Paddle Porker and one took the top of the pipe. Not an obstacle for the rest of the hashers.

After that is was along the ditch. I'm sure more than one hasher wished for an inner tube. It would be a great rafting course. Going through the pipe would be a blast. I so want to try that.

As with all good things they pass. It was back to the road and the first uphill. It was certainly a hill and in the sun too. Probably not a problem of Massive Crabs who just finished the Northern States 100 mile run. He did not complain about a down-down for being a racist.

After a more back roads and another ditch it was back to the start and the BBQ.

Let me tell you about this dog, Jimmy (I think). It understand full sentences. Not just sit or fetch but "go get the stick and give it to me". Most impressive was dropping a burger right in front of its nose. He just sat there and look at just Keith. Keith has to say "it's yours" or something like that before he would eat it. Amazing.

Lots of pasta salads. You'd think this was a bunch of runners who wanted carbs or something. Burger and dogs we there for the taking. It was a BBQ after all.

There Short Ham Her showing us his bloody finger. The story is he was trying to help Puss n' Boots down one of the hills and he cut his finger on her wedding ring. So the story goes.

Thats it for the 19th running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers.