Auburn 08/24/2014

Another hot trail in Auburn. Bubble Boy and Atemame laid the course and then waited in the cool shade drinking beers while the pack ran the hot dusty trail.

It is Auburn so what Auburn run would be complete without some railroad tracks. We certainly had enough of those. There were also a few nice ditches. So tempting to jump in and cool off.

The trail even shared a short stretch with the Western States 100. We had nothing to complain about.

Seems one hasher did not make it past the tracks. Hula Girl made sure the vulture was not eating anyone she knew.

We finally made it back to the shade and there was still beer left.

We almost finished the beer before the 2 late comers, just Alex and just Rose showed up. They got a few down downs for late comers, DFL, and a few other thrown in for good luck. There were even accusations of sex on trail.

So much for the 20th run. On On to the next one.