Rob's Place 9/14/2014

The 21st running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers started at Just Rob's house. Sticking with a long standing tradition of the Cougar Hash House Harriers Just Rob was named for being a hare and hosting the run. More on that later.

The run started out by heading to the Nevada Union HS and as luck would have it they had a race the day before and had left chalk marks all over the place. Hashers are creative though so a little bit of construction blue chalk was added to the hash and wala, Bobs your uncle. We were in business. Okay it wasn't that blue but if you looked really close you could see a baby blue tinge.

Right, so on with the run. Did I mention it went past the high school. Lot of criss crossing trails there but eventually everyone figured out where the trail was.

The first unusual feature other than the wondering trails was a traffic circle. It took a couple of laps before the leaders figured out the trail did not go around forever. So on-on to the next section.

The trail went over a bouncy, rusty, thin pipe. Once over the pipe it was clear that another 15 or 20 feet past the pipe was an easy dirt crossing but who bothered to look that far ahead.

After more twists and turns in the woods th efun started. Up and down some nasty hills. Even Hula Girl walked one. Amazing. Just Celise being the hard core runner she is ran them. Also amazing.

Finally back at Just Rob's house where apparently, from all indications, someone had died and been outlined in chalk. Never did find the body. Poor bugger.

Beer and food time. There were guests from afar, Plumb Poker and Male Handler. Nice spread of food and BBQ skirt steak and chicken both with tasty BBQ sauces.

Okay, so Just ROb got named. Thats the tradition. Host a run or hare a run and you get named. We all have our own traditions. Well Just Rob has 3 you female tenants and one of them had a friend camping in the back yard. So a boy in the backyard. Next his feet are just weird. No other way to put it. Maybe that what makes him so fast. Only 4 toes touch the ground. His name is now, and forever more "Four on the bottom, a boy in the back".

Thanks for the great run "Four on the bottom, a boy in the back".