Three Forks 10/26/2014

Who would have guessed, a costume run just before Halloween. We had Giants fans, a mad scientist, disco kids, a clown, some colorful something, a real cougar, Popeye and Olive Oyl, a chicken, gorilla (had to be hot), camo girl.

There was plenty of fall colors to go along with the colorful hashers. The trail started out down past the post office and then up a side street. When setting the trail there were half a dozen homeless looking folks hanging around that asked about the markings. They were interested when they found out it was a beer run. Lee interested when they hear they had to pay for the beer. We it turns out one enterprising fellow decided to pick up a six pack of Hamms that he handed out as people when past. How cool is that.

What Halloween run would be complete without going through a cemetery and of course posing for pictures there.

There was one trick or treat beer stop at our favorite bike shop. Plenty of beer but the crowd was saving it for the end.

Back to the finish where the beer and down-downs were waiting. Just for reference, drinking beer from a corn cob pipe is a slow process. As we settled in our new friend, Mr. Hamms or something showed up. We treated him to a good beer and he helped with the munchies.

We kept the circle short so the Giants fans could F___ off for the game. Thats about it.

Popeye says drink your spinach for good health.