Bubble Boy and Eatamami's place, 11/09/2014

The 23rd running of the Cougar HHH began at BubbleBoy's and Ateamame's home. We the pack arrived Atemame was in slaving over the stove cooking furiously for the runners. Amazing dedication and for her own birthday.

Massive Crabs was showing off his new cougar tatoo. Must have been just for the hash, right?

Well, the trail started off well but the pack missed a turn and ended up on a different part of the course. Turkeys ended up back at the house after less than a mile. The hare was smart enough to tell everyone where the beer stop was before we got started so GPS to the bar after that.

Everyone eventually made it to the beer stop and after all isn't that all that matters. After that a short mile back to the waiting foor and of course more beer.

We had hashers from Sacramento, Reno, and Truckee. Great turn out for the birthday run. Atemame did a great job with all the food and Bubble Boy organized a great birthday.