Jernigan's 12/14/2014

We got lucky. After weeks of rain and more to come we had a relative rain free day. Lucky for the runners because the trail did go off road for a bit.

It was a festive run with costumes all around. There were hats, socks, a Santa, a wooden soldier, and of course the hare was the gingerbread man singing "run run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man".

Shawn, the owner of Jernigan's was happy to have us start and end there.

The trail sucked. There were lots of CBs and many were at the top of a hill or steps. There were 6 checkpoints on the 5 mile run and two bridges. One of the bridges was the new suspension bridge that led to the shiggy infested area on the other side of the river.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, the town of Nevada City was having a Christmas festival with a parade, stalls selling food and gifts, and lots of people dressed in old fashio costumes. The town was packed. The poor hasher could not even see the marks dues to the heavy crowds. Evil hare.

After the town came the suspension bridge then shiggy to a very old road that has not seen use in a very long time. Up that very long road back to Nevada City where the pack was directed to our favorite beer stop at Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop. Connie and Wayne are great for letting us stop by just before closing.

There was an interesting addition to the circle. When the gingerbread man costume arrived a beer bong pink flamingo was included in the box. It was put to good use with a naming down down. Just Alex became "Little Green Jingle Balls".

Amazing burgers and great beer as always at the on-on party.

Happy Holidays. Next hash is next year.