Roseville 1/25/2015

The 25th running of the Cougar Hash House Harriers had a couple of firsts. It was the first A to B run or at least sort of. It was also the first run with live hares. I think the best way to describe the run was that is was the first time we had live hares.

The trail or at least the portions the pack found were scenic and the day was nice. Good temperature and clear.

Bubble Boy and Pussy Whisperer (formerly Just Jim) were the hares. They were snagged as they wondered around after returning to the start. The plan was to keep going to Boxing Donkey but that plan fell apart when they were snagged by Eatamame.

Hey, its a hash. A little confusing make it more interesting. There was a view from the garage that would have been nice if the pack had found the trail there. A few checked it out after getting back.

One things the hares did right was picking the pub for the circle. The Boxing Donkey was awesome. The bathrooms had interesting pictures for decorations. Girls could look at some young boys and the guys could browse the gentler gender images.

"Four on the floor and a boy in the back" had a great shirt. Check it out.

Just Jim become Pussy Whisperer and drank from the pink flamingo.

Food and beer were great and most everyone stayed for the on-on party.