Jernigan's 1/25/2015

It rained like a fire hose. Well the hare set the 3 mile course with great gobs of flour. Unfortunately chalk was used on the pavement and sidewalk and erased the first part of the course. So while the hare took a shower the very small group of runners wandered around looking for the course.

Bubble Boy, Eatamame, and Hula Girl played in the rain for a while until finally giving up and joining the 8 or 9 others who arrived late and just started drinking at Jernigan's. I don't know though, the hash looks plenty big enough. Okay the chalk was gone though.

The important part was that everyone made in for the beer. Do doubts it was wet though. Just look at the drenched Hula Girl coming in after changing. Nice sweatshirt.

The circle was a lazy one where we kept our seats, enjoyed the beer, and then moved on to food.

Next month, another run in Nevada City. It will be a longer run with lots of hills but with any luck, not RAIN.