Truckee 4/25/2015

There was 4 to 6 inches of snow when the hare laid the trail with some light rain falling at times. Extra blue chalk was added to the hash so it would show up on the snow. Seemed to work. By the time the hares returned to the start the runners were arriving. The rain had stopped and the sun was thinking about making an appearance.

As the small pack left on the run the snow had already melted considerably. The has marks were still vissible in what was now mud. Oh yes, this was a wet and muddy run.

The checkpoints made in chalk were clear. The ones stamped out in snow faded quickly as the sky cleared and it turned into a sunny fairly clear day.

There were some great views overlooking one of the valleys. Clear air and nice views, what could be better. Maybe a beer stop.

Indeed there was a beer stop. A warming hut makes an excellent beer stop. With a growler of ol' Republic's Dead Canary the stop was jsut long enough to realize it was still cold outside.

On On down the hill. Just had to follow the streams that used to be trails until back at the starting point.

After a short cirle we all headed to Tyler and Wrist Rocket's home for a last minute BBQ. Thanks to Brandon for make a trip to Safeway while the rest of us stomped through the mud. Wrist Rocket shared some great pulled pork with us as well.

Great place for a run even if it was wet, cold, and muddy. There will have to be another run here when the weather is too hot down in Nevada City.