7/5/2015 at
Powers Club Auburn

Auburn in the summer. It was hot. What did you expect. The hares, Bubble Boy and Pussy Whisperer set the trail. Between the heat and a very excited hare who really loves setting trails the pack was in for an interesting and creative trail.

Light turn out. The rest of the folks were smart enough not to run in the heat and stayed home drinking beer.

Sunny and hot up a hill to start the run. The hare has found a shady spot though.

Poor guy pushing that wheelbarrel in this heat. Looks like it has burned him up and turned him to ash while the pack inspects the railroad tracks.

Kamen Cider tried out an ice vest on the run. It helped and just managed to make it to the end of the run and still be cool. Just barely though.

There was a fair amount of shade on the run whuch helped. Scenic area.

Even fruit placed along the way for a quick snack.

After berry snack some home brewed beer hit the spot.

Hula Girl couldn't resist pointing out her other name on a delivery truck.

A run through Auburn would not be complete without going through the famous Western States finish are.

Yes, the hare changed his mind or maybe it was a spelling mistake.

There was some excitement when the course took the pack through a locked chainlink gate. Only one hasher took the route over the gate. The others took the easier way around by looping around the block.

The hare had this all planned out. He knew where all the shady spots were.

Then there was the On On at Powers Club with something like 100 beers all brewed on site.

We made it in time to watch the US womens soccer team win over Japan which put Japan as number two. A good showing for both teams overall.

On On