8/23/2015 at
Pizza Factory Colfax

Colfax is a small town in the surrounded but trees, woods, shiggy, or wilderness. You would think it would be easy to find trails and not the street for the run. It turns out that is true if the run is 10 miles but for shorter runs the street predominate.

Its a good think some of the streets are dirt. Not so nice that many have a large vertical element. Home made signs. What else would you expect.

Then there is this unusually tall tree on the edge of town. Looks pretty solid but the branches near the top look a little strange.

Colfax used to be a fairly large train station. The tracks are still there but not much activity.

Then there was the HILL from hell. If anyone thought they could run it they were disappointed. I don't know how anyone could even dream of driving it in the winter.

On to the well hidden ditch. Hula Girl ran past it down a long hill before 4 on the Floor and a Boy in the Back called On On. A shady ditch lead to checkpoint on a trestle and then it was a climb back to pavement.

After watching a local baseball game and wondering through some back streets it was back through old town and across the tracks.

Beer near at last and then back to the Pizza Factory.

The world renown Triple H offer to run the cirle. As always he did a super job.

The pizza was good and there were a couple of good beers on tap. If we can find more trails in the area or maybe when it snows this will be a good place to return to.