9/20/2015 at
Nevada City

The hare takes off to lay the trail with his cute Mickey Mouse baby diaper bag full of flour and chalk. Down the hill straight into the woods.

Thats the woods out there. By the time the hasher arrived the hare was back. Everyone gathered around to listen to the instructions to the virgins.
It didn't take long and the runners were off into the woods.
There were plenty of hills. It is Nevada City after all.
What shiggy run would be complete without an irrigation ditch.
Irrigation ditches with massive pipes.
Then there was a detour down the hill.
To a hidden lake next to the archery range. Better not to venture down the side of the hill there.
Sadly no one brought there hard hat. Breaking the rules again.
Pipes everywhere.
Some were daring enough to walk on top.
More climbing. What else would you expect.
Finally at the top.
Standing on the edge and then off to the trail again.
There were some streets in there somewhere but the best was still to come as the pack reached the hidden bike park.
People actually ride this stuff.
The dogs had no problems with the obstacles. Beer near, on in.
Back to the start. The BBQ was ready for cooking and the beer was cold.
Standard BBQ activities, drinking, talking, and standing around.
Burgers and hot dogs. Then a short circle. The newly-weds were the first up after the hare.
Just Brandon had a put back a few down-downs. Muzzle Me, just named drinks to her new name.
Then the serious eating begins.