10/18/2015 at
Grass Valley

It was as close to Halloween as we were going to get so it was time for costumes. Little red is shying away from the big bad wolf while my rabbit (not the hare this time) considers a pre-run beer.

Even in Grass Valley there is shiggy and plenty of hills or least plenty near the start.

The trail progressed through COndon park and more shiggy. Etamame squeezes through the broken fence.

Back and forth across the stream more than enough times. What Halloween run would be complete without a grave yard.

There was a beer stop at a local bar and then back to the start and the BBQ.

Trick or treat. The wolf goes for the beer.

The rasta hare drinks a down-down. Others get theirs.

And the down downs continue.

The girls and grandma.

Small turn out but a good event.