12/13/2015 at
Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley

A virgin hare with the CHHH hare bag, a converted mickey mouse diaper bag. Massive Crabs was ready to set the trail all by himself. The GM and a few other early arrivals enjoyed a beer before the run and did a little chili tasting. Note that the reason people were there early was that the Facebook page called for a 1:15 gathering instead of 2:15. Oops. Too much beer when updating?

A table was reserved. Nice. Would have been better to reserve the table as Massive Crabs though. Monkachino was joining the run today with Strange Often. A little pre-lube for Monkachina.

Being away from home there were some virgins that needed lessons. There were some experienced hashers as well.

And they are off!

It has been a long time since the GM was not the hare and could run the trail.

Must have been the turkey trail. (ha ha, attempt at humor)

Wow, they have stop lights in this town. We are not in Nevada City any more.

The hare managed to find some steps. Kind of suspicious. Yup, a CB.

Photo op with friends.

First steps and then the only hill in the area. Sh*tty trail, it sucked. :-)

Check point almost at the top. A few enthusiastic hasher took the trail to the top. Wrong way.

Wrong way but nice view through the trees of the bay.

A beer stop! Maybe we can use the bikes to get back.

Lots of good choices.

Cheers, kompai, prost, you get the idea.

Who gave that monkey another beer? At least she made a new friend.

Back at Fieldwork and ready for the down downs. First one to the hare.

And the circle continues...

A few more...

Then the place went to the dogs.

What the heck are these?

It might not look like it but this guys runs ultras all the time. Clever disguise.

Nice place for an on-on party.

Down down for some crime.

Another Monkachino helper.

Thats all folks. Monkachino will need some help getting home.