1/17/2016 at
Boxing Donkey in Roseville

A rainy run in Roseville hared by Bubble Boy and Pussy Whisperer. Pussy Wisperer and Zuchini Bareback proudly show off their hash trash from the Samurai hash in Japan.

After a brief description of the trail the pack was off with just Brian in prancing along. Looks like he is flying.

After working our way through the course. Not always as the hare had planned we ended up at the tracks and a frieght train. hmmm. Well there was plenty of room under the train to follow the trail.

Either someone in the homeless camp was playing with flour or this was a CB. Yup, a CB.

Then there was the dead skunk in the middle of the road side of the trail.

There is Kamen Cider on the wrong side of the road.

Runs over and the circle starts with the hares getting a down down.

Not a huge turnout unless you consider the weather. For a raining day the turn out wasn't bad.

Pussy Whisperer makes some damn fine brew. Down downs were savored.