2/14/2016 at
ol' Republic in Nevada City

Great turn out for a strange day. Quite a few vistitors and the regulars like Bubble Boy and Eatmame.

We even had some ladies or cougars wearing red dresses. Not just the guys. Without a doubt the girls look a lot better than the guys.

The crowd at Ol Republic were entertained. Probably glad to see the pack leave though.

Red dresses all over the streets.

Seeing a sign like that some hashers had to show a little behind.

Hey is that cop checking out the dress?

Mardi-gras parade right on the trail. How did that happen?

Nothing like a selfie on the run. They should have gotten a down down for that.

What do you expect from Strange Often.

Wait, are the red dresses part of the parade?

Good timing stepping in at the end of the parade.

Beer stop at Three Forks. Crowded but plenty of beer to choose from.

Time for a group picture.

And a chance to show off the beads.

Then stumble back to the finish for, of course, more beer.

Nice to fill up Ol Republic. We had a musical section that almost accompanied our songs. Ok, not really. They were too busy trying to drown us out.

There were down downs and songs.

To visitors, virgins, the hare and others.

Eventually the circle completed.

The red hair wig was a big hit. Especially with out virgin German.

Finally the on-on party at Jernigans.