3/26/2016 at
Mi Pueblo Taqueria in Nevada City

New place for a run start. The new Mexican restaurant. Super food. Anyway, the run. We met in the alley behind the restaurant. Lots of bunny ears and Easter baskets.

The run was also an Easter egg hunt. How exciting! Ok, an interesting diversion anyway. OMG, there are hills in Nevada City.

Busted! Hula Girl had a sore back and begged off the training run only to run into the coach on the hash run.

It was painful but on top of Sugar Loaf the view was great.

What a great day for a hash run.

Some late comers but quite a few made it to the top.

Then there was the after-run festivities. Beers and snacks.

Hanging out enjoying the beer and food before the circle.

The the circle starts. Hare then virgins.

Down-Downs from plastic eggs that leaked.

Fingers on the holes in the eggs helped

Eveyone gets a chance.

Some more relaxed than others.

Watch the camera.

Or down it from the bottle. Some stayed for dinner. Others headed to dinner at Mateo's for Stange Often's birthday.