4/23/2016 at
Three Forks in Nevada City

A great day for a romp in the woods. Down the street and take a left at the crosswalk. Then up past the post office.

It is spring. Flowers are in bloom and the leaves on the trees are a light young green.

Crossing the highway was a bit scary but what do you do at the gate with the even more scary warning and no trespassing signs.

Up into the forbidden area.

If that wasn't bad enough then there is another gate with no trail on the other side. Err, wait, maybe there is a trail.

Nice view and then romping through the purple and yellow flowers.

After that it was back to a ditch. Which one? Heck there are som many they don't have names.

To finish it off it was back to Three Forks and beer.

Some new friends wanted a warm body to keep them from shivering. The girls were all for some doggy love.

Then there was a little girl who wandered over while her grandma enjoyed a drink and some clean outdoor air.

Another hash completed. "May the has go in peace. May the hash get a piece."