5/22/2016 at
Harmony Ridge in Nevada City

There must be something to the saying that April showers bring May flowers. There were plenty of flowers.

Hula Girl followed along to capture the flowers and flour.

Blue, yello, pink, and purple.

Is the hare lost? Maybe looking at the wild roses.

Growlers for one of the beer stops. Too much foam so the hare sucked the head off the growler. There was a pretty good turnout.

Gathered around Harmony Ridge market.

The pack is off. They look small compared to the trees.

Clearly a checkpoint.

The next checkpoint was in an open area. Lots of directions to check.

Massive Crabs is looking for the trail.

The trail takes a twist down into a rabbit hole.

It goes down and down. Slick and steep in spots.

No complaints as there is a beer stop at the bottom.

The area is completely different than the early part of the trail.

Lots of climbing before the next beer stop.

Great weather and of course beer.

On on to the end and the circle at the market.

Down downs as expected.

Everyone gets a turn. Ladies first.

Then the guys.

And the visitor.

Dustin the new owner of the market put on a nice BBQ for us.

Bubble Boy and Hula Girl celebrated birthdays with a tasty cake.