Cougar HHH FAQ

Frequenty Asked Questions

What kind of groups is the Hash House Harriers?

Hash House Harriers (HHH) are a world wide collections of local groups. Depending on who you ask Hashers are either runners or drinkers but really they can be either or both. Every one of them enjoys having funning and hanging out with other hashers. Check out this vast information resource for more info.

Why is this the Cougar Hash House Harriers?

The Cougar HHH is centered in Nevada City. There are cougars in the area. Ya know, mountain lions. What did you think it meant?

What should I wear?

High heels, evening gown, and handbag. For the girls... No really, this is a run or walk so wear somthing fit for what ever you plan on doing. If you are running, a change of clothes for after the run is a good idea.

Who do I complain to or make suggestion about the web site?

Complain to that bastard, Techneilogy (aka Numbnuts):

I would like to be the hare on a run. Who do I contact?

Email the GM at Demand to be a hare and to set the trail for a run. He will be glad to let you lay the trail and will even provide chalk and flour if you do not have your own. If you are really daring you can even be a live hare. Don't plan on that for the first run though.

I have a bad hip, knee, etc. Can I still join?

You bet! Everyone is welcome to join. If you can't run you can walk. If you can't walk you can join us for a beer after the run. How could life get any better hanging around a bunch of sweaty smelling people who just finished a run.

I took some pictures and would like to share them on the site. How do I upload them?

You can upload them to the Cougar Hash House Harriers Facebook page. If there is enough public outcry I may be persuaded to start posting them on the site again.

Why is this now a weekly hash?

It's less expensive than therapy.

Why have you changed the fee?

My wife and I are a poor immigrant family, and we won't be able to subsidize the cost of beer every week. The hash cash will only be used on hash expenses, and if it starts to accumulate we can have a party or something.

Hey Techneilogy, how come you get to be Grand Master? I'm pretty sure you only know one of the songs...

I have vast hashing experience as a member of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers (HHHH) for ~9 years, and maintained the shite for about 4 of those.

Also, no one else accepted the role.



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